Lisa Harrison Jackson


A gift can’t be developed 

in solitude…

Each of us has a unique spice that brings a special flavor to the pot of stew called purpose. This recipe was thought out by Our Creator and intricately woven into our DNA before we were formed in our mother’s womb. Just like an application in a software program, we all are uniquely programmed to carry out a specific function in this life.  

Before we came to be, God whispered into our spirits and declared that we were acceptable in His sight, and had a great purpose to fulfill on earth. Many believe that if God declared it, then the journey should be easy, but this is a classic mistake. Recognizing a gift takes more than waking up one day and making a decision. It takes passion, persistence, and a plan. In addition, it requires strategically placing people in your life who will help you fulfill your purpose.

If you find yourself in that space of needing to set the proper stage to launch your gift, or if you have a loved one who needs your support, then this book is for you. Through her own life experiences, Lisa Harrison Jackson identifies areas where most individuals can benefit from dream helpers whom she refers to as gatekeepers. Through a well constructed plan, and with a gatekeeper in place, Lisa encourages dreamers to live out the extraordinary assignment God has uniquely designed for their lives.

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